Expedited Services, Inc. is constantly working to provide quality transportation services. You can depend on ESI for on-time deliveries.



Licensed Broker

ESI is a licensed trucking broker.  We are proud to be able to offer:

Service to all 48 contiguous states, Canada and Mexico
Over 200 quality driven carriers servicing all regions of the United States
A dependable record of on-time deliveries
A state-of-the-art computer system with full EDI capabilities



Company Equipment

ESI  has an extensive line of company equipment to provide our customers with:

48 modern, well maintained units
Accurate handling to expedite shipments across the continental United States
Professional, experienced drivers meeting your needs

   Computerization and EDI Services Our computerization and EDI services enable us to offer:

Up-to-date shipment status
Paperless accounting
Direct and immediate communication with our active fleet

   Dispatch When we receive your call, the dispatcher immediately locates the nearest available unit suitable for your shipment.  Once the proper unit is located, the dispatcher coordinates the most direct and expedient delivery route from source to destination...Guaranteed!
   Safety Safety procedures, while a major concern for all employees of ESI, will remain an important role of our Safety and Service Departments.  It is their responsibility to schedule regular equipment inspections and to see that ESI drivers conform to all requirements of the Department of Transportation.  State safety codes will always be strictly adhered to.

We look forward to establishing a mutually beneficial business relationship.
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